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A Film by Lindsay Allen 

Writer/Director | Lindsay Allen 

Producer | Jillian Hartman & Jonathan Shavelson 

Director of Photography | Ryan Kuna

Editor | Ari Pelna 

Short, Student, Drama, Comedy

TRT 12:43  | Arri Amira |  English | USA, 2020


Malarkey tells the story of two sisters who are struggling to see eye to eye. Mallory is overprotective and controlling of her sister Mauve who has down syndrome. While fighting to prove her independence Mauve decides to go to prom with her boyfriend without Mallory’s approval. However, Mallory is hiding a secret of her own. She has finally received the acceptance letter from her dream college but is unable to open it. What if she gets rejected? Or worse, what if she got in and has to leave Mauve? These sisters discover the true strength of their bond.

Official Selections

Prague International Monthly Film Festival

Lakefront Film Festival

The Women’s Film Festival in Philadelphia

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