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A Film by Alex Gosciniak

Writer/Director | Alex Gosciniak

Executive Producer | Lindsay Allen

Director of Photography | Saba Ahmed

Editor | Rob Bolz


Short, Student, Drama, Dark Comedy

TRT 17:49  | English | USA, 2020 

Stuck in the day in/day out monotony of life as a high school custodian, Billy has spent 25 years dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi High School. In his spare time, Billy obsesses over UFOs, aliens, and deep space. Following an intense dream, Billy becomes convinced he must build a makeshift spaceship to visit a beautiful alien goddess. As his focus turns away from work and solely towards the stars, the school administration becomes worried about Billy’s mental stability. Ms. Smith, the school’s vice principal, suggests Billy meet with Father Abe, the school’s chaplain. Dealing with his own crisis of faith, Father Abe explains true belief to Billy. This conversation reaffirms Billy’s dream and pushes him to the edge of faith.

Birdland parallels a belief in aliens with a belief in a Higher Power and juxtaposes the way they participate in how we treat each other.

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