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Lindsay Marie Allen

Hi there! My name is Lindsay and I am a filmmaker, photographer, and creative with a passion for telling inclusive stories. I am dedicated to creating space in the film industry for underrepresented people, giving them the positive, affirming representation that has been so historically lacking. 


Growing up surrounded by cameras, I learned how magical this medium is at an early age. Photography and video have been an important part of my creative life since I was small. I can recall countless weekends adventuring to new places with a camera by my side. Sometimes, I like to joke that I invented the selfie. 


My passion led me to film school to hone my desire and ability to tell stories through film. Working with other talented creatives taught me the value of collaboration and the power that it has to open doors for others. My junior year of college,  I wrote, produced, and directed my first film, starring an actress with Down syndrome, and it went on to receive multiple grants and was screened at the Philadelphia Women’s Film Festival. Since that first film, I have gone on to write, direct, and produce more films and projects. 


Collaboration is such an important aspect of my craft, and I enjoy the process of working alongside other talented, driven people. I take my clients and collaborators with me from beginning to end of a project, sharing my love of telling stories as we use the magic of film.


Since graduating with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Film Directing from Temple University, I have dedicated my career to collaborating with small and women-owned businesses to bring visibility to their vital and necessary work within our communities. 


When I am not behind the camera, you can find me training for my next race, perfecting a new recipe, or spending quality time with friends and family. All important disciplines that help in all aspects of my personal and professional life. 


Now, let’s get crafty together. 

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